Dr. Ellenbogen’s Philosophy

“I attribute my success to four factors: first, the utilization of my “artistic eye” to create realism; second, keeping abreast of all procedures performed around the world and adding those I deem meritorious to my own practice; third, my ability to form an understanding of the patient’s needs and desires and accomplishing them; fourth, adhering to safety and avoiding complications.

After observing, evaluating and qualifying a patient (both physically and emotionally), I try to instill trust so that I can come as close as possible to delivering just what the patient expects. My word is very important to me. I never promise what I can’t deliver. I have dedicated myself to the highest standards of the art of plastic surgery, but I never forget the human element. The goal of a plastic surgeon is to improve a patient’s self image, and I take that responsibility very seriously. My staff and I try to give patients a very positive experience with as little inconvenience and discomfort as possible. We are experienced professionals, who strive to the highest standards available.”

Richard S. Ellenbogen, MD

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