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Reviews For Dr. Rich Ellenbogen

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If you would like to reverse signs of facial aging so that you once again look as young as you feel, a facelift may be the ideal choice for you. In spite of the many advances in medical technology over the past decade or two, no other procedure rivals the facelift for its ability to deliver the customized, long lasting, natural looking facial rejuvenation results you desire. If you have deep facial folds, sagging jowls, or loose skin around your neck, a facelift can help you take years off your appearance.

Dr. Rich Ellenbogen is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience performing facelift procedures. He will design a customized treatment plan that will address your unique signs of aging in order to achieve beautiful, natural looking results that help you look and feel your very best.

This page will provide a basic overview of Dr. Ellenbogen’s innovative facelift procedure, but the best way to find out if you are an ideal facelift candidate is to speak with him in person. Please call 310-276-3183 today to schedule a consultation with our Beverly Hills facelift surgeon.

“The Ellenbogen Lift”

The Ellenbogen Lift is the most natural, fastest healing, and least painful facelift operation available today.  It takes into consideration that the aging process impacts your face in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increased skin laxity
  • Loss of fat
  • A shifting and descent of fat in the face and the neck

The Ellenbogen Lift can help you restore a youthful looking face, a distinct jaw line, and a properly contoured youthful neck. It offers several important benefits compared to a traditional facelift, including:

  • A shorter incision
  • Bandages are removed after the first day of recovery
  • Minimal post-operative eating and activity restriction

This revolutionary facelift technique delivers consistently exceptional results. Many patients have commented that after their Ellenbogen Lift, people regularly compliment them on their appearance and ask if they have lost weight. Dr. Ellenbogen often recommends a neck lift in conjunction with the Ellenbogen Lift for enhanced results.

Experienced Beverly Hills Facelift Surgeon

Over the past three decades, Dr. Ellenbogen has chosen to make facial plastic surgery a primary focus of his practice, and he has pioneered several procedures commonly used today. He is regarded by many plastic surgeons as the “father of facial fat grafting.” As a result, Dr. Ellenbogen knows exactly where to place the fat to recreate the shape of a youthful face.

Dr. Ellenbogen has performed this surgery thousands of times, and this experience enables him to place the fat in a way that ensures it will last. In fact, many other prominent plastic surgeons consider the Ellenbogen Lift to be state-of-the-art in facial rejuvenation, and Oprah has called him “Hollywood’s answer to aging.” 

The Ellenbogen Lift procedure won the award at the International College of Clinical Plastic Surgeons as well as the Aesthetic Association award for Best Facial Plastic Surgery. See for yourself the dramatic results than can be achieved when you undergo this revolutionary facelift procedure.

Please contact Beverly Hills Body today to schedule your facelift consultation. Dr. Rich Ellenbogen serves patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, California.

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Reviews For Dr. Rich Ellenbogen

My name is Kyla _______ although when you met me nearly 10 years ago my name was Kyla _______. I emailed you asking if there was anything you could do to help my appearance, I was born with a Cleft Lip and had only had one surgery to repair it, which was when I was a month old.

To my surprise you emailed me back and offered to do my surgery at no charge! I came down from southern Oregon to have the surgery and during the consultation you even offered a chin implant!

I have written this email a couple times through the years and never had the right words to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff. I will probably never have the ability to communicate to you how much you have changed me, from the outside, in.

Growing up with such an obvious defect was hard. It’s already hard to grow up, but I suffered inside with what was on the outside. My peers rarely let me forget my scar on my lip and my crocked nostrils. My confidence was non-existent. When I emailed you I was desperate for change and perfection.

You evened out my upper lip, improved the appearance of my nose greatly and the chin implant changed my whole face shape and profile! Many people I have met since the surgery don't even notice my scar at first and it’s not the...

Kyla Z.

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19 Year Old Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Ellenbogen was exceedingly helpful. He answered all my questions and made the process very enjoyable. He is also great to work with and is very personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Ellenbogen because of how much experience he has and how well the procedure went.

5 out of 5 stars

From Frankie - Beverly Hills, CA

If you are after a doctor who genuinely cares about you and has the right eye for realistic fixtures - Dr Rich Ellenbogen is the one!

5 out of 5 stars

Truly an Artist - Sherman Oaks, CA

5 out of 5 stars

Much Better Than I Ever Expected - Beverly Hills, CA

Rarely does an experience exceed my expectations but a brow lift by Dr. Ellenbogen did. He was extremely generous with his time, answered all my questions. I must admit, and he gave me the confidence to proceed with a brow lift. One of my eyebrows was drooping. Although he told me he could not promise they would be even they are. I am 100% happy with the results. I met with a number of this plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Ellenbogen and it was not only his impeccable credentials but his concern that this be the right thing for me that helped me commit to the surgery. I am an esthetician and I very careful about the referrals I give to my clients. Dr. Ellenbogen is now the only plastic surgeon I refer.

5 out of 5 stars Breast Implant Revision

Replacement of Old Saline Implants, and Facial Fat Grafting - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ellenbogen is very caring and has this positive energy that sets the tone. The rest of the staff is also very professional and helpful.

5 out of 5 stars

Dr Ellenbogen - Los Angeles, CA

I really don't understand why anyone would post anything negative about Dr. ELlenbogen. Perhaps is due to unrealistic expectations?? What ever the case may be my experience with Dr. Ellenbogen far exceeded my expectations. I say this because not only of his expertise in cosmetic surgery, but due to the fact that he is kind, caring, and compassionate. Unfortunately I have had two breast augmentations from a top surgeon. (Not to name anyone there is no reason too) after my second surgery I had complications due to fluid build up which was excruciating. Unable to take the pain and the large growing blister I called the DR. Only to be yelled at because it was the end of the day and now they had to stay late.. Well pardon me. Dr. Ellenbogen on the other hand took my call over the weekend after surgery, and was quick to fit me in if I had any questions or concerns. I know there are many surgeons to choose from and it's best to choose the one that works for your personal needs. I chose Dr . Ellenbogen because he has been a surgeon over 30 years, he has taught top plastic surgeons his trade, has written many articles about cosmetics surgery, and has the experience to address different situations. Thank you Dr Ellenbogen it's been an honor having you as my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Revision Rhinoplasty

My Rhinoplasty Experience with Doctor Ellenbogen - Los Angeles, CA

1) I found Dr.Ellenbogen on Internet 2) I had 3 consultations with him prior surgery, those consultations were worth a lot. 3) Those consultations made me to choose Dr.Ellenbogen as my surgeon. I was looking for a good revision Rhinoplasty surgeon in California. I had a consultation with many doctors in California. Finally i had a consultation with Doctor Rich Ellenbogen in Beverly hills. I had 3 consultations with Doctor Rich Ellenbogen before the surgery. I flew from San jose to Los Angeles for the first consultation. For the remaining 2 consultations i drove from San jose to Los Angeles. It was a worth consultation with various photo images of my nose. I went thru internet for the reviews about doctor Rich Ellenbogen, there were bad reviews about him, which were bothering me a lot, at one point of time, i thought i can choose some other doctor instead of doctor Ellenbogen. But those 3 consultations with doctor Ellenbogen were really pretty good. I convinced myself to choose doctor Ellenbogen for my revision rhinoplasty.

5 out of 5 stars Breast Augmentation

My New Beverly Hills Boobies! - Beverly Hills, CA

I found my doctor by looking online - he is pricey but when it comes to your body, you don't want to skimp. So far he is worth every penny.

Updated on 13 Nov 2012:

I found him on Realself!