You are a brilliant plastic surgeon and a master at your craft.

Dear Dr. Rich Ellenbogen:

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate you. You are a brilliant plastic surgeon and a master at your craft. Your work, professionalism and personal touch are second to none. From the day I started the process, I’ve felt comfortable with my medical care in your hands. As I look in the mirror each day since my surgery, I smile at how pleased I am with my outcome. One day, I was looking at your website and saw a video of you on ABC Primetime television talking about plastic surgery. Before my eyes and to my surprise was my before and after photos scrolling across the screen. I screamed with excitement as those pictures reiterated what you accomplished and how satisfied I am with the outcome. God gave you a talent and you have mastered it! I love you so much for caring. Your personality is beautiful and you have a way of making people feel safe. If I could describe you, I would say you truly have a way of stopping the visual aging process and turning back the hands of time. I know you have a lot of education but what you provide takes more than that; it is your gift! It shows you know your job and have a genuine love for people. Thank you so much for caring, Dr. Ellenbogen. You are my hero! There isn’t any amount of money that could pay for the excellent work you do. I thank God for sending me to you as you have forever changed my life. I love you, I love you, I love YOU!”

Louise Robinson
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