Read the reviews for Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and was very surprised.

I had gone to see him about the same time; Spring and early Summer of 2009. I had interviewed many, *many* doctors to perform my breast reduction surgery. My husband’s business was struggling financially (as was every business owner) so cost was a deciding factor during my search. Here is what I used as my criteria:

  • Cost (out of my pocket)
  • Accepted my insurance
  • The doctor had to have “before” and “after” pictures of actual patients they performed the same surgery on, and available for me to view.
  • Doctor Ellenbogen showed me on the computer what I would look like.

After interviewing about 5 doctors in person (I did phone interviews and also web research), I had selected Dr. Richard Ellenbogen to perform my surgery. Here is why: I could see immediately that he was meticulous. When I reviewed his portfolio with him, he could recount in fantastic detail each one of his surgeries. I remember remarking on one patient’s results as “incredible”, as it was obvious that she was suffering considerably from the size of her breasts in the “before” photo. He agreed on the medical points, but he immediately noted how many cc’s he removed from each breast during the procedure and how many cc’s he would like to have taken out, and how it would have effected the contouring of her breasts.

I immediately knew I would be in that hands of a doctor who was passionate about the work. I was right and I’m passionate about the beautiful results.

Thank you Doctor Ellenbogen!*

Jody S.
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