I truly want to thank Dr. Ellenbogen

I started to notice a change in my face about ten (10) years ago.  The last six (6) years I saw myself slowly deteriorate; that is when I started to seek help.  The first thing I did was look in the phone book for cosmetic help.  I found a doctor that does laser work for the face.

I went to the laser doctor and was told that she could do the laser on my face but every three (3) years I would have to come back or I could get a face lift.  I decided not to get the laser.  I found another doctor that gave me a face filler; it didn’t last very long but I didn’t go back because I couldn’t see a big difference.

I was watching television one day and a show came on about life style lifts so for the next three (3) years, once a year I went there to do the procedure.  I was told to look at a film and someone would be in to talk to me.  I was then told I didn’t need to go to sleep for the surgery and after the surgery I could return to work in one week in one week.  That did not seem right somehow I believe if someone have surgery they should be asleep, and I look at the film of other people I didn’t know what I would look like.  So I didn’t go through it.

One day my daughter was watching television, the “Doctor Oz” show featuring a segment about face tightening.  They said if you used coffee on your face it would get rid of wrinkles.  I used it for the next year; it helped but the job was just too big.

One day after looking in the mirror I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I picked up my phone and I called Doctor Richard Ellenbogen’s office and spoke to the receptionist and I told her I needed to see the doctor.  She asked when I did I want an appointment and I said today.  So I went in that day; I thought I needed Botox but the doctor said that I needed a face lift and asked me could he take my picture; I said yes.  The doctor took my picture and began to work on them.  He showed me what he could do for me.  I loved it and he also said I would have to be put to sleep.  He made me feel comfortable and I finally found a doctor I completely trusted.  I allowed Dr. Ellenbogen to do the face lift and he did a great job.  I truly want to thank Dr. Ellenbogen and God for giving him the skill to help people like me to have another chance in life.

Thank you Dr. Ellenbogen – my life has changed, I have more confidence and feel better about myself.  Dr. Ellenbogen, you are not only a good surgeon but you know how to talk to people so they will be able to trust you.  You are the first doctor that I didn’t need to think about whether I would go through the procedure or not.  I knew that you were the one for me.  Dr. Ellenbogen I love you and thank you for doing a great job.  Keep up the good work.


Louise R.
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