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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials BEVERLY HILLS / LOS ANGELES

*Comments from all success stories and reviews are the expressed opinions of those patients and their experience and do not represent guaranteed results.

Everyday I look at myself and say WOW, thank you.

How does one put into words how it feels to be born. I guess there are none? That is why we are tiny babies who can not speak of the true Miracle of a new life. For this is one thing that will forever be a moment we all experienced, but never talk about. We have all heard people talk about death, but no one of the moment of LIFE.

I am blessed to be able to experience two lives in one. What you have done for me, is to give a voice to my death, and share my journey to what its like to be born. My obesity, my denial, my anger, my shame, my ridicule I see as my gestation. My Obesity kept me safe and warm. Until one day things became overwhelming and uncomfortable, and I just had enough of carrying all this stuff around. My weight loss was my labour. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I hated every moment of it, and wanted to give up. But I had to stay focused as to why I wanted to lose and see the end result as so much better than the overwhelming anguish, both mentally, and physically of trying to win a huge weight loss battle.

Me, before surgeries was my Birth. You Dr. Phil were the first one to see me, really see me, and assess some problems. Dr. Ellenbogen cut my cord and released me from what I no longer needed to sustain me. The Skin that once housed my fat that blanketed me and made me feel safe.

Dr. Ellenbogen –This journey of physical discovery you took me on these past few months, is my MIRACLE. During my post OP for my last stages of surgeries, it still after everything didn’t register that I had a new body. That this was no dream. That this was truelly my dream come true. When I was in one of your examining rooms, and all of your staff came in the room to see the new me, just seeing all thier faces and reactions to what I NOW looked like and truelly witness how gifted your team really is. I broke I cried uncontrollably. At that moment I knew that I finally looked like how I pictured I would look like all those months and years ago when i made the choice to lose. For the first time I felt ALIVE, On Purpose, and seen life through new eyes. My inside now matched my outside.

I do not take one moment for granted. Everyday I look at myself and say WOW, thank you. To have this new body. Its overwhelming. Even I take a double take and find myself just looking…. This is really me? This is my new life in my new body. Sometimes even I don’t know how to act. Sometimes I carry myself like I did at over 300lbs. But now I have to learn for the first time, to be SEXY, and don’t feel I need to appologize for being SEXY. I am now Jennifer both inside and out. No Hiding, No shame. The old Jennifer is long gone. A mere thank you will never be enough, through my body, my mind, and my soul this is MY MIRACLE, MY GIFT.

Thank you DR PHIL for seeing the me that was hiding, and taking my hand and guiding me out from behind my shame, to meet the people I see as my HEROS. The people who seen what I could eventually become through thier expertise, when I could NOT. I surrendered to become one of thier works in progress, to eventually become one of their masterpieces.

Everyday for the rest of my life I will look in the mirror and be reminded Of someone seeing my worth, YOU DR PHIL. I looking at my body everyday for the rest of my life and be reminded of Dr. Ellenbogen because, I NOW see physical beauty, from a body that once told a story of hardship, low self esteem, anguish, abuse, hatred, and shame. A lifetime gift of a dream that they said yes to, to manifest into life. A thought is the concepetion of the words that will eventually manifest your reality.

How does a mere thank you express all of that? Until theres a word to suffice How I feel about what you all have done for me. I guess A thank you is all I can do. But day in, and day out, I will take care of your work. I will never Allow any remote damage to happen. For I am truelly a masterpiece, till I draw my last breath, I will be gratefull. To be one who was once over looked to one who is now Looked Over….
With my most humble appreciation and lifetime gratitude…*

Jennifer D.
Dr. Ellenbogen’s practice has the best staff I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to thank everyone once again for taking suck good care of me while I was there; truly, Dr. Ellenbogen’s practice has the best staff I’ve ever seen.  I honestly feel as if everyone genuinely cares about you as a person and that’s really comforting at a time like that.

And you may tell Dr. Ellenbogen that I‘m having great difficulty getting any work done here as I can peel my eyes away from these incredibly beautiful, sexy breasts of mine!  No, but really, they are completely perfect and I thank him so much.

I hope that everyone there has very happy holidays.*

Female Patient
You are truly a gifted and talented surgeon.

I was watching the E! Channel the other night and to my surprise, there you were on Dr. 90210. Seeing you prompted me to write this long overdue thank you. In 1991, while I was living in Los Angeles, you performed a rhinoplasty on me. The results were so natural that in the years since my surgery, I have never had a person (who didn’t know me prior to surgery) ask me if I had a “nose job”. Having the surgery boosted my self-esteem and confidence level. I am no longer self-conscious about my profile, nor am I subject to rude insults from others.

In all seriousness, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a gifted and talented surgeon. I wish you continued success in your practice!*

Female Patient, 40s (Rhinoplasty)
My face looks twenty years younger...

I had a facelift about two years ago. I’m sure Dr. Ellenbogen remembers me, as I was scheduled to have the surgery, and the day of the surgery he had to make the decision to send me home (Minnesota), as my blood pressure was too high. I came back after my blood pressure was under control and the surgery was a big success. I still need to lose more weight, but my face looks twenty years younger. Please let Dr. Ellenbogen that I’m doing well and am enjoying retirement. I am planning on visiting San Miguel De Allende this winter. Dr. Ellenbogen told me about the city and showed me some pictures of his house. I’ll be looking at the city as a prospective area for retirement – at least for the winters. If he happens to be in San Miguel at the same time, it would be great to see him again. In any event, please let Dr. Ellenbogen know that I am very happy with my surgery and that I’m happy that he at least “broke even” on my ext ensive and long surgery. Take care.*

Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!!

Hope you are well!!! I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job!! Everything has healed, and looks so pretty!! I really appreciate your expertise, you are one of the very best!! That’s why I chose you!! Take care and stay happy and healthy for me!!!!

Wishing you the best*

People have actually told me I am beautiful, and I believe them

I emailed you asking if there was anything you could do to help my appearance, I was born with a Cleft Lip and had only had one surgery to repair it, which was when I was a month old.

To my surprise you emailed me back and offered to do my surgery at no charge! I came down from southern Oregon to have the surgery and during the consultation you even offered a chin implant!

I have written this email a couple times through the years and never had the right words to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff. I will probably never have the ability to communicate to you how much you have changed me, from the outside, in.

Growing up with such an obvious defect was hard. It’s already hard to grow up, but I suffered inside with what was on the outside. My peers rarely let me forget my scar on my lip and my crocked nostrils. My confidence was non-existent.  When I emailed you I was desperate for change and perfection.

You evened out my upper lip, improved the appearance of my nose greatly and the chin implant changed my whole face shape and profile! Many people I have met since the surgery don’t even notice my scar at first and it’s not the first thing on my mind anymore when I meet new people.

People have actually told me I am beautiful, and I believe them.

It took awhile for me to gain confidence after my surgery and I feel like it still grows more and more each day. I am so happy to have had the chance to have you be a part of my life. I know I wouldn’t be where I am in life right now if it hadn’t been for you, and your generosity will live with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much.*

Kyla Z.
Dr. Ellenbogen is the epitome of a Great Doctor

I want everybody to know who is reading this blog that I had been interviewing at least seven other top surgeons in the Beverly Hills area as well as in other cities where I have lived during the past twelve years. I never made a decision to have the surgery done, for personal reasons, and because I never found the doctor who felt right.  Honestly, I never liked the results of their before/after photos. I strive for excellence in all areas of my life, so therefore, I look for excellence and perfection. It has been about 5 weeks, 2 days, since my surgery with Dr. Ellenbogen and I could not be happier or more satisfied with the result.

In my opinion, not only do you have to LOVE your surgeon’s before and after photos of his patients, it is paramount that your surgeon’s credentials are totally board certified, that he has a flawless track record and that he is held in high esteem by his peers.  Most importantly, is that YOU trust and truly like your doctor who ultimately has your life in his hands.

You should know that Dr. Ellenbogen fixes many “mistakes” by surgeons who do not have enough experience or knowledge. Mistakes are made and it is a “big deal” because you have to live with “the mistake” for the rest of your life if the surgeon accidentally injures a nerve in your face. Utmost research, care, and questions should be asked to your doctor prior to surgery. You must feel that you are treated like a family member when you visit an office. There is no need for an arrogant attitude, even in Beverly Hills!! Remember, you will need to work with the staff after surgery too!!

Dr. Ellenbogen’s stellar reputation is held in high esteem by his peers all over the world, not only because of his impeccable surgical results but also because he is a man whose character is one of  great integrity and he has respect towards everyone. Dr. Ellenbogen is the most empathetic, kind and compassionate doctor that I have ever known.

The results are so natural that nobody knows that I had work done. I am very open so many of my friends knew that I wanted to have cosmetic surgery and they could not believe that I looked over twenty years younger than my age!!! A business friend of mine did not think that I had surgery even though he knew that I had just come back from California. Dr. Ellenbogen’s work is so natural that all he saw was that I looked much younger and very pretty.  Prior surgery, he and his secretary told me that I did not need to have a face lift. It changed his opinion about cosmetic surgery as well as several other friends who also told me that I did not need to have cosmetic surgery. Also, my golf pro told me he saw the difference immediately. He couldn’t believe that the change was so radical yet so natural and beautiful. He told me that I look between 37 and 38 years.

How young am I??? Do the math!!!

I use the word “agelessness”…this is My Way to feel absolutely Great about yourself. It is not necessary to spend the best years of your life looking tired and drawn and treated like a senior citizen!  Again, this is just my humble opinion. It is blissful to look the way you feel. I look better than when I was in my very early 30’s because I was in a stressful marriage and I lost all the “cushion”, the fat, underneath my face! I will find the photos to prove it! Too bad, I did not know, Dr. Ellenbogen.

Surgery should not be taken lightly. It is uncomfortable and your face will be tight and areas will feel numb but if you want the surgery more than anything else, than go for it! All this will pass after approximately 3 months.

I did not need any drug for pain even for the first night. The only drug that I took was an antibiotic. The first night was very uncomfortable but very bearable. I slept in a very comfortable bed at the aftercare facility for one night which he ordered that I stay. He cared about my safety and well-being.

After a week, I decided to sleep in a regular position because I was given a state-of-the-art face and neck lift. I did not need to be propped up while I slept. In the past, this was required but not anymore.

I did not feel the effects of the anesthesia which is also a very critical aspect of any operation. My anesthesiologist was excellent.  She called me the night before and was very supportive.

It is also important to note that my surgery only lasted for about 4 and one-half hours. Dr. Ellenbogen is very economical with his time. He works quickly but with precision and his results are almost exact to his computerized drawing of what he wants to accomplish. Every other surgeon that I interviewed told me that I would be under sedation for 8 hours!! No other surgeon that I have interviewed ever gave me a computerized drawing. I was not even going to have as many procedures as I had with Dr. Ellenbogen.

Since I had extensive facial fat grafting, ice is not used. I only had an ice pack on my eyes for the first night.  After the first night, make sure you use the eye drops and you follow the doctor’s orders implicitly.

I have a very youthful body and I am blessed with high energy. When I wasn’t smiling or when I did not have any make up on, I was looking tired, drawn, unhappy and old. My face was not reflecting back to me what I felt.  My jowls were falling, my neck needed to be lifted, my eyes were sinking in and my entire face was sinking in and falling down!!! I had bags under my eyes, my nose needed a little work, my lips needed to be pumped up and turned up, even my hands were too boney!! I needed drastic help!!! I really did not know who to trust or who would be able to transform my looks.  I wanted to look at least 20 years younger and to have my features softened so I would feel beautiful in order to have a second chance in life!!  I do not want to settle for any person to share my life. I want to find a man who matches MY energy and MY soul, now this will be possible.

Dr. Ellenbogen, is a genius, an artist, a superbly accomplished surgeon and a man with vision who can actualize that vision. This is one of the many reasons why he considered one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World by many Plastic Surgery Associations worldwide. He has the awards to prove it.

He is the teacher of all the newest techniques, so why would you prefer to go to one of his students? His innate intelligence and creativity that he has been blessed with is even more special  because he has chosen to use his gifts to help others. He is a humanitarian and has frequently helped many children and people with unsightly deformities, on a pro bono level, in order to help them regain their dignity and their self-esteem.

It is truly magical how he can immediately analyze any face and in a few seconds, he can assess what must be done to get the desired symmetrical and beautiful look that he then draws on his computer. His actual results are almost the same as his computerized drawings!!! That is Magic!!!!

Dr. Ellenbogen is the epitome of a Great Doctor as well as a Great person, yet his manner is the direct opposite of being pretentious or conceited. He is a very patient and humble man, with a ready smile and a twinkle in his eyes!!! He is fun to be around!!! He exudes unlimited energy and passion as he explained everything that he would be doing to rejuvenate my face. He Loves what he does! However, when he has to THINK while he draws on the computer and especially on your face right before surgery where he is going to work on your face, there MUST BE ABSOLUTE SILENCE. HE IS AT WORK.

He is extremely detail orientated and he explained in detail everything that needed to be done to not only turn back the clock by at least 23 years but he made me look beautiful. He had Dawn, his Most wonderful and kind coordinator and his primary assistant take all my original photos and then he took them again!  He is a perfectionist!

He gave me an unlimited amount of time during our consultation and he gained my trust immediately because I knew that I was in extremely capable and experienced hands. He even wanted me to talk to a woman who had fat grafting to see her beautiful result. The first time I talked to him, over the phone, he was so kind and friendly, that I felt immediately at ease and happy to get to speak with him. He makes you laugh 🙂

His professional life has inspired many of the top cosmetic surgeons around the world. He was their teacher and I have read many letters from his former students and colleagues who attest to Dr. Ellenbogen’s unparalleled expertise in his field as well as his great gift of teaching others the many secrets on how to implant fat back into an aging face. He has written the books and many articles on fat grafting and many other cosmetic anti-aging procedures.  His is known as the “Father of Fat Grafting”. It is a skill that many surgeons do not have. The fat that he implanted back into my face could last for at least for 15 years where with other doctors I had interviewed, the fat would have been gone in a third of that time or less!!

Dr. Ellenbogen has so much zest for life and a love for what he does. His work is his passion and it shows by his gentle nature and his extraordinary results. What luck that I had the great fortune and privilege to have found Dr. Ellenbogen as my surgeon and as my friend.

I also want to include that Dawn, Dr. Ellenbogen’s primary assistant and coordinator is fantastic! She is extremely conscientious, patient, a Great Listener and she makes his entire office run smoothly and efficiently.

Dr. Ellenbogen is extremely thorough and he wants all the necessary health reports (Blood tests, EKG) completed in advance because he is primarily interested in your health and safety. Dr. Ellenbogen works with an absolutely wonderful and extraordinarily talented team of doctors,surgical nurses, coordinators and patient liaisons who have made all of my post-surgery visits  a fantastic and an unforgettable experience. I look forward to seeing them all again in the future.

Anyone who has read this very truthful letter should look on his website and look at my Before and After photos. You can call the office and they will tell you who I am.

I hope that I have helped you in making a very life changing decision.*

I truly want to thank Dr. Ellenbogen

I started to notice a change in my face about ten (10) years ago.  The last six (6) years I saw myself slowly deteriorate; that is when I started to seek help.  The first thing I did was look in the phone book for cosmetic help.  I found a doctor that does laser work for the face.

I went to the laser doctor and was told that she could do the laser on my face but every three (3) years I would have to come back or I could get a face lift.  I decided not to get the laser.  I found another doctor that gave me a face filler; it didn’t last very long but I didn’t go back because I couldn’t see a big difference.

I was watching television one day and a show came on about life style lifts so for the next three (3) years, once a year I went there to do the procedure.  I was told to look at a film and someone would be in to talk to me.  I was then told I didn’t need to go to sleep for the surgery and after the surgery I could return to work in one week in one week.  That did not seem right somehow I believe if someone have surgery they should be asleep, and I look at the film of other people I didn’t know what I would look like.  So I didn’t go through it.

One day my daughter was watching television, the “Doctor Oz” show featuring a segment about face tightening.  They said if you used coffee on your face it would get rid of wrinkles.  I used it for the next year; it helped but the job was just too big.

One day after looking in the mirror I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I picked up my phone and I called Doctor Richard Ellenbogen’s office and spoke to the receptionist and I told her I needed to see the doctor.  She asked when I did I want an appointment and I said today.  So I went in that day; I thought I needed Botox but the doctor said that I needed a face lift and asked me could he take my picture; I said yes.  The doctor took my picture and began to work on them.  He showed me what he could do for me.  I loved it and he also said I would have to be put to sleep.  He made me feel comfortable and I finally found a doctor I completely trusted.  I allowed Dr. Ellenbogen to do the face lift and he did a great job.  I truly want to thank Dr. Ellenbogen and God for giving him the skill to help people like me to have another chance in life.

Thank you Dr. Ellenbogen – my life has changed, I have more confidence and feel better about myself.  Dr. Ellenbogen, you are not only a good surgeon but you know how to talk to people so they will be able to trust you.  You are the first doctor that I didn’t need to think about whether I would go through the procedure or not.  I knew that you were the one for me.  Dr. Ellenbogen I love you and thank you for doing a great job.  Keep up the good work.


Louise R.
Eternally Grateful

I had two revision rhinoplasty before seeing Dr Ellenbogen. Prior to seeing him my nose was deformed with alar grooves, deviated septum and a pinched tip. I was nervous about selecting Dr Ellenbogen especially after reading some comments online however after speaking with Dawn and Dr Ellenbogen himself I was confident I made the right decision. Now looking at myself in the mirror, I know I made the right decision.With incredible skill and attention to details, he reconstructed my nose and I am eternally grateful!! He is a maestro at what he does and Chris L. S. from Toronto can attest to this!!!*

Chris L. S.

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