Rich S. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon + Postgraduate Advanced Fellowship Director

Plastic surgery is Triumph Over Adversity. We honor all patients whose lives were restored through cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery.
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Reviews For Dr. Rich Ellenbogen

Revision Surgery Specialist Featured on ABC PRIMETIME Special

Ms. Lana Turner

In her early 60s, Ms.Turner took a photo of herself at age 27 to Dr. Ellenbogen, and said, "This is what I want to look like."

Whether you're considering cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, you want the skill of an experienced surgeon—a doctor with more than 35 years of surgical training and experience. Training and experience make a plastic surgeon uniquely qualified to perform your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

One of the first steps you can take towards a successful procedure is to become an educated patient. In my practice I am all about educating the patient first.

Read about patient safety and how to make smart choices about your surgeon and the facilities where your procedure will be performed. Browse through before and after photos to see the kinds of improvements surgical and minimally invasive procedures can make. Watch videos about specific procedures and the latest developments in research. And learn from the experience of others in our Patient Reviews section. In BeverlyHillsBody we believe plastic surgery is Triumph Over Adversity. We honor our patients whose lives were restored through cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery.

Premiere Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles

 Dr. Rich S. Ellenbogen is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a career spanning more than 30 years, during which time he has acquired a large number of celebrity clientele. 

If you are interested in learning more, please call 310-276-3183 today to schedule your initial consultation.

Our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles plastic surgeon is the Director of a prestigious post-graduate training program and a visiting professor in South Africa, where he helps other surgeons advance their skills.

  Face Lift Before Image Facelift After Image
  Face 34 Face 34
Facelift and Neck lift, Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Dermabrasion of Wrinkles Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Facial Fat Grafting
  Revision Rhinoplasty After Image Revision Rhinoplasty
Revision Rhinoplasty
Neck Liposuction Before
Neck Liposuction After Image
Neck Liposuction, Buccal Lipectomy, Facial Fat Grafting
  Before Image After Image
  Before Image After Image
Brow lift, facial fat grafting, liposuction neck, rhinoplasty
  Before Image After Image
Revision rhinoplasty-hanging columnella
  Before Image After Image
  Bucal Fat Removal Before Bucal Fat Removal After
Ethnic rhinoplasty, liposuction neck
  Beverly Hills Pastic Surgery Ellenbogen Bevely Hills Plastic Surgery Specialist Rich Ellenbogen
  Before Image After Image
Facelift and Neck lift, Fat Grafting to Face and Upper Eyelids, Lower Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Dermabrasion Wrinkles Around Mouth
  Acne Scar Removal Before Acne Scar Removal After
Facelift and necklift, facial fat grafting
  Bucal Fat Removal Before Bucal Fat Removale After
Revision rhinoplasty- dropped pinched tip correction
  face lift before image facelift After Image
Facelift, necklift, facial fat grafting
  Nose or Rhinoplasty Nose Job
Otoplasty, Revision rhinoplasty-corrected crooked nose
  Neck Lift 9 Neck Lift 9
Neck lift, Chin Implant, Facial Fat Grafting
Rhinoplasty; Dropped Tip
  Before Image After Image
Gummy Smile Revision
  Before Image After Image
Facial Reshaping with Fat Grafting
  facelift, facial fat grafting, chin aug, bleph, perioral dermabrasion Before Image facelift, facial fat grafting, chin aug, bleph, perioral dermabrasion After image
Facelift, Facial Fat Grafting, Chin Aug, Bleph, Perioral Dermabrasion

Dr. Ellenbogen is a Fellow of the American and International College of Surgeons and has been featured as "One of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America," by Town and Country magazine.

He is considered an innovator in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty techniques, facial fat grafting, underarm/axillary breast augmentation and volumetric facelift procedures.

In fact, Dr. Ellenbogen is regarded as one of the top rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and facelift facial surgeons in the world by his peers. He has won numerous awards for his leading-edge techniques, which have been adopted by plastic surgeons worldwide.

To learn more about how Dr. Ellenbogen can help change your life, please contact our plastic surgery facility and set up a personal consultation. 

Rich S. Ellenbogen, MD - Plastic Surgeon - serving plastic surgery patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angels, Hollywood, CA and worldwide!



Reviews For Dr. Rich S. Ellenbogen

My name is Kyla _______ although when you met me nearly 10 years ago my name was Kyla _______. I emailed you asking if there was anything you could do to help my appearance, I was born with a Cleft Lip and had only had one surgery to repair it, which was when I was a month old.

To my surprise you emailed me back and offered to do my surgery at no charge! I came down from southern Oregon to have the surgery and during the consultation you even offered a chin implant!

I have written this email a couple times through the years and never had the right words to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff. I will probably never have the ability to communicate to you how much you have changed me, from the outside, in.

Growing up with such an obvious defect was hard. It’s already hard to grow up, but I suffered inside with what was on the outside. My peers rarely let me forget my scar on my lip and my crocked nostrils. My confidence was non-existent. When I emailed you I was desperate for change and perfection.

You evened out my upper lip, improved the appearance of my nose greatly and the chin implant changed my whole face shape and profile! Many people I have met since the surgery don't even notice my scar at first and it’s not the...

Kyla Z.

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19 Year Old Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Ellenbogen was exceedingly helpful. He answered all my questions and made the process very enjoyable. He is also great to work with and is very personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Ellenbogen because of how much experience he has and how well the procedure went.

5 out of 5 stars

From Frankie - Beverly Hills, CA

If you are after a doctor who genuinely cares about you and has the right eye for realistic fixtures - Dr Rich S. Ellenbogen is the one!

5 out of 5 stars


Truly an Artist - Sherman Oaks, CA

5 out of 5 stars

Much Better Than I Ever Expected - Beverly Hills, CA

Rarely does an experience exceed my expectations but a brow lift by Dr. Ellenbogen did. He was extremely generous with his time, answered all my questions. I must admit, and he gave me the confidence to proceed with a brow lift. One of my eyebrows was drooping. Although he told me he could not promise they would be even they are. I am 100% happy with the results. I met with a number of this plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Ellenbogen and it was not only his impeccable credentials but his concern that this be the right thing for me that helped me commit to the surgery. I am an esthetician and I very careful about the referrals I give to my clients. Dr. Ellenbogen is now the only plastic surgeon I refer.

5 out of 5 stars Breast Implant Revision

Replacement of Old Saline Implants, and Facial Fat Grafting - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ellenbogen is very caring and has this positive energy that sets the tone. The rest of the staff is also very professional and helpful.

5 out of 5 stars

Dr Ellenbogen - Los Angeles, CA

I really don't understand why anyone would post anything negative about Dr. ELlenbogen. Perhaps is due to unrealistic expectations?? What ever the case may be my experience with Dr. Ellenbogen far exceeded my expectations. I say this because not only of his expertise in cosmetic surgery, but due to the fact that he is kind, caring, and compassionate. Unfortunately I have had two breast augmentations from a top surgeon. (Not to name anyone there is no reason too) after my second surgery I had complications due to fluid build up which was excruciating. Unable to take the pain and the large growing blister I called the DR. Only to be yelled at because it was the end of the day and now they had to stay late.. Well pardon me. Dr. Ellenbogen on the other hand took my call over the weekend after surgery, and was quick to fit me in if I had any questions or concerns. I know there are many surgeons to choose from and it's best to choose the one that works for your personal needs. I chose Dr . Ellenbogen because he has been a surgeon over 30 years, he has taught top plastic surgeons his trade, has written many articles about cosmetics surgery, and has the experience to address different situations. Thank you Dr Ellenbogen it's been an honor having you as my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Revision Rhinoplasty

My Rhinoplasty Experience with Doctor Ellenbogen - Los Angeles, CA

1) I found Dr. Ellenbogen on Internet 2) I had 3 consultations with him prior surgery, those consultations were worth a lot. 3) Those consultations made me to choose Dr.Ellenbogen as my surgeon. I was looking for a good revision Rhinoplasty surgeon in California. I had a consultation with many doctors in California. Finally i had a consultation with Doctor Rich S. Ellenbogen in Beverly hills. I had 3 consultations with Doctor Rich S. Ellenbogen before the surgery. I flew from San jose to Los Angeles for the first consultation. For the remaining 2 consultations i drove from San jose to Los Angeles. It was a worth consultation with various photo images of my nose. I went thru internet for the reviews about doctor Rich S. Ellenbogen, there were bad reviews about him, which were bothering me a lot, at one point of time, i thought i can choose some other doctor instead of doctor Ellenbogen. But those 3 consultations with doctor Ellenbogen were really pretty good. I convinced myself to choose doctor Ellenbogen for my revision rhinoplasty.

5 out of 5 stars Breast Augmentation

My New Beverly Hills Boobies! - Beverly Hills, CA

I found my doctor by looking online - he is pricey but when it comes to your body, you don't want to skimp. So far he is worth every penny.

Updated on 13 Nov 2012:

I found him on Realself!

  • My experience with Dr. Ellenbogen was perfect at the 1st phone call.  I turned 40 this year and i had my mind set on Acculift laser. I had traveled from Manhattan Beach to Pasadena several times to see a Dr. who did not post pictures of before and after's of this laser.  After many attempts of wanting more concrete proof of his work this Pasadena Dr. and staff stopped communication with me, RED FLAD i thought. I searched the Internet and found Dr. Ellenbogen who was much closer to me in Beverly Hills. I spoke with his friendly staff and Dr. E got on the phone right away when i mentioned that i was looking for the Acculift laser. He explained why he doesn't believe in a laser with no visible results. It made sense to me now why the Pasadena Dr. posted no pics on his website and why when I pressed they began ignoring my phone calls and emails.  Dr. E is the "father of fat grafting" a term I never had heard until i spoke to him on the phone. I was impressed how he took the time to explain and educate me, he was even further generous and waived the consultation fee! From my 1st appointment to my surgery which was yesterday I have had a lovely experience with my now life long plastic surgeon. His wife is often times in the office and she is truly the great woman behind the kind, gentle, skillful, and generous plastic surgeon. If you are looking for the fountain of youth let your own stem cells do that for you, do not use fillers you will look fake over time. Your own stem cells will do the magic trick and with the "father of fat grafting" you simply can not go wrong. Dr. Ellenbogen and his staff made me feel like family! This is so refreshing from a Dr. in Beverly Hills. There is nothing pretentious  about this Dr. he is simply wonderful and kind I highly recommend you give his office a call, Jenna will greet you and treat you like gold! I loved my experience, expect the best when you call and I am confident you will have an amazing experience like I did!

  • Bj P.
    • Bj P.
    • Beverly Hills, CA
    • 152 friends
    • 2 reviews


    Dr. Ellenbogen has done an amazing job with a tummy tuck as well as restylane/botox. He can customize

    according to your needs - if you don't want too much, he knows exactly how to accommodate. Quality of his

    work speaks for itself. Very happy with the results!

    Very happy with Imynew look!

  • Sarah M.
    • Sarah M.
    • Beverly Hills, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 10 reviews


    I met Dr. Ellenbogen in April 2011,I wanted the best stem cell fat graphting plastic surgeon in the country!I had researched this and Dr. Ellenbogens name kept coming up over and over again!So I called his office,his staff is exceptional,they answered all my questions, called me back right away, and always were pleasant and caring!When I met Dr.Ellenbogen,I felt very comfortable and knew right away he was the one I could trust!He is very down to earth, loves to talk and extreamly professional.I would highly recommend him as one of the top plastic surgeons world wide!! He is an exceptional surgeon and he would also make a great friend as well!!!

  • Dora H.
    • Dora H.
    • Beverly Hills, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews


    I truly can say that it was a most rewarding experience - I did not expect this to be such an easy and most satisfying undertaking. I researched many surgeons prior to my decision and must say, I am glad I went bakc. Many thanks to Dr. Ellenbogen and his staff.

  • Sasha N.
    • Sasha N.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 0 friends
    • 3 reviews


    Dr. Rich S. is the most amazing Plastic Surgeon in California, if not the world. He has performed his genius and artistry on people that come to him from all over the world. I am lucky enough to reside in the area and have gone to him many times over a period of 20 years. He has keep me looking young and natural, by doing small procedures, as I aged. His sensitivity and pure talent with his approach to the face is remarkable. He works exclusively on the face!

    He chats with me at first, takes my picture and then projects my face onto his screen. He is very focused, and transfers my requests i.e. face, neck,  nose, etc.. with computer to show me EXACTLY how I will look after the surgery. With my face and the touch of his hand, he is able to collaborate with me on my desired results. With my suggestions and also his input for perhaps a very slight change that did not occur to me, he reveals his brilliance as a surgeon. 

    I am one month and a half, out from a mini face lift, upper eyelid, neck lift. The result is more wonderful than I could have imagined. The skill and precision with which he performed my procedures, are as perfect as you can get. At one month, I look so natural, that a friend that I usually see about once a month, asked me if I changed my hair color to a bit more auburn. No one would ever believe that I had just had this surgery.

    You may contact me for a personal reference on the phone,. My phone number is 

    1 323 272 4998. I would be happy to meet with you as well, if you are in the LA area, to show you my face!

Dr. Rich S. Ellenbogen:

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Welcome to my new website. I am Dr. Rich Ellenbogen. My surgical staff and I are experienced and compassionate professionals practicing cosmetic surgery for the past 30 years.  In your personal consultation I will carefully explain all aspects of plastic surgery using state of the art imagery. You will be shown the results of past patients similar to your interest.  We listen carefully and answer all your questions satisfactorily.  Prepare to spend an hour or two with me or as much as you like learning and discovering more about the type of plastic surgery you are interested in.

We are aware that most cosmetic surgery candidates are concerned.  Will I like the result?  Am I selecting the right surgeon?  Some patients consult with me several times before their operation and I welcome that.  The more you know the better. It is important to make the right decision. Any type of cosmetic surgery must not be expensive or out of range for anyone who can benefit from its life changing results. Necessary cosmetic surgeries such as Skin Cancer repair, Burned Skin, Cleft Lip and Palate, Rhinoplasty, and others should be accessible not just for celebrities but to those who can most benefit from its magical results. We strive for natural and pain free results with minimum down time.

Our Beverly Hills practice has grown considerably over the past few years. While the majority of our patients are originally from Los Angeles, Orange County, and California in general, an increasing number of patients are now traveling from far distances. As the reputation of our Stem-Cell-Facelift known as Ellenbogen Lift, Facial Fat Grafting, Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, and Expression Surgery have grown nationally and internationally, in fact, I now routinely see patients that come as far as Europe, Middle East, Japan, and China. In order to facilitate this, I now employ a full time travel concierge who specifically assists with my out-of-town patients. Our travel concierge can arrange a phone call and Skype meeting with me. If plastic surgery is right for you, she can then help in arranging your surgery. This includes helping with financing, flight arrangements, ground transportation, overnight accommodations, and making sure that all the necessary paperwork is completed and received. In special occasions when flying is hard or impossible for my patients, I can fly to potential patients. In summary if you prefer that I do your surgery, I am glad to fly to your city or country to make it happen.

I have dedicated my career to advancing the art and science of plastic surgery as a teacher, lecturer and for children in the third world countries.  Plastic surgery is my passion.  My experience has allowed me to bring my results to a new level unobtainable by most plastic surgeons today. I know you have many choices and I am truly flattered if you decide that I am the best surgeon to do your plastic surgery. Please feel free to set a consultation time with me and I will be glad to answer all your questions before you commit to any surgeries. The more you know about your operation, the better you will feel. You can also email me with your images and questions. I usually respond right away. Hopefully we will see you here soon. Thanks.


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