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Your face is the main focus of your appearance and personality. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where the first signs of aging begin to show. A successful facelift is judged by its artistic simulation of a younger face in all aspects.

Cleft Lip & Nose Repair


Cleft Lip & Nose Repair Surgery

Visit our Cleft Lip & Nose Repair Before & After Gallery
Cleft Lip & Nose Repair Before & After Gallery
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Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen served a teaching fellowship at Chase Hospital in The Hague, Netherlands treating birth defects. He no longer operates on children but repairs the more difficult adult cleft lip nose repairs.

Cleft lip deformities often also involve the nose. Despite correction of the cleft lip and cleft nasal deformity at a young age, deformities may persist as the lip and nose change into adulthood. When an individual with a cleft lip and nasal deformity reaches skeletal maturity, a rhinoplasty may be needed to make the nose appear more normal. In Dr. Ellenbogen’s hands, the nose can be made to look as good as a normal nose in many cases.

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