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Jodi Leis, Beverly Hills, CAJodi Leis Registered Nurse

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a gifted artist who creates works of art with his skilled hands. He is compassionate to his clients. The clients vision is truly Dr. Ellenbogen ‘s main goal to completion. Dr. Ellenbogen makes all his clients and staff feel appreciated and an intricate part of his experienced team.

As a Registered Nurse working in this inspiring  work environment, I highly recommend Dr. Ellenbogen to anyone considering Plastic Surgery. His skill and devotion is unsurpassed.  I work with several prominent plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. As a circulating nurse I have the privilege of seeing the techniques and skills of many surgeons. Dr. Ellenbogen is fabulous!

Dean Allgeyer, M.D., Beverly Hills, CADean Allgeyer, M.D.

As an anesthesiologist who has worked with Dr. Ellenbogen over a period of 15 years I am uniquely qualified to state some observations. In a profession where experience is one of the most highly valued attributes of surgical practice, Dr. Ellenbogen has a wealth of experience equal to few others in the profession. Accordingly, he is familiar and comfortable with a large repertoire of plastic surgery techniques. In addition to familiarity with common surgical techniques he has the ability to innovate and customize.  In addition to his surgical acumen, Dr. Ellenbogen is incredibly bright and has an excellent “bedside manner” with his patients.He is a gifted surgeon and unique individual.

Geoffrey E. Leber, MD, Beverly Hills, CAGeoffrey E. Leber, MD

After earning my undergraduate degree in Tucson, Arizona, graduating from medical school in Philadelphia, completing a five year general surgery residency in Massachusetts, and a two year plastic surgery residency in Wisconsin, I applied for the Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen in Beverly Hills, California.  My goal was to pursue the best training and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery to solidify my career as an aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen began his fellowship program in advanced aesthetic plastic surgery so that he could pass on his vast knowledge, skill and experience in aesthetic surgery to younger plastic surgeons who were just beginning their careers.  I felt like I won the lottery when I was accepted into his highly sought after and competitive fellowship.  My many years of training had finally brought me to this point.  I was very excited to have been awarded the opportunity to learn from such a talented plastic surgeon, in what many consider to be the “Mecca of plastic surgery”, in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Ellenbogen has been long regarded as a true pioneer and innovator of new techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery.  He has published many highly respected and frequently referenced  papers in the plastic surgery literature. Dr. Ellenbogen is considered by many as the “father of modern fat grafting”. In 1986, he developed a procedure called, “pearl fat grafts”.  He has published many subsequent papers in the plastic surgery literature describing his fat grafting techniques demonstrating outstanding long term results. These techniques are now considered to be integral to current facial rejuvenation procedures performed by plastic surgeons in this country and around the world.

The knowledge that I received under Dr. Ellenbogen’s tutelage was by far the best educational experience in my 12-plus years of post undergraduate medical and surgical training.  It was clear to me from the moment that I met him, that he was an artist and a highly gifted plastic surgeon. Dr. Ellenbogen loved to teach and share his great knowledge and skill in aesthetic plastic surgery.  There was a true “aura” about his practice that made people feel like they were part of something special.  I knew that I was getting the experience of a lifetime with him in Beverly Hills. He was treated like a celebrity by his patients, whether they were famous or everyday people.  I attribute this to Dr. Ellenbogen’s magnetic personality, true artistic abilities and his great passion for his profession.

After completing my fellowship training, I was invited to return as a visiting Grand Rounds presenter to share my experiences with the faculty and plastic surgery residents at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Our then department chairman, Dr. David Larson, was a leader in our specialty of plastic surgery. As a past president of the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation, he was integrally involved in developing guidelines and standards for fellowship training for all plastic surgeons in the United States.  Dr. Larson was so impressed by my fellowship training and experience with Dr. Ellenbogen that he wanted to make it the “gold standard” in establishing other fellowships in advanced aesthetic plastic surgery training around the country.

Because of my incredibly invaluable experience during my fellowship with Dr. Ellenbogen, I was able to quickly build a solid reputation once I started my own practice in Arizona in 2001.  Many of the techniques and procedures that Dr. Ellenbogen taught me, remain integral to my aesthetic plastic surgery practice today.  These include facial fat grafting, endonasal (closed) rhinoplasty, face and neck lifting, perioral dermabrasion, blepharoplasty and liposuction.

I have many fond memories of the time I spent with Dr. Ellenbogen.  He was very inspirational to me early in my career and I owe much of my early success to him.  We remain close friends and have kept in touch since my fellowship. I will always hold high regard for Dr. Ellenbogen as an outstanding aesthetic plastic surgeon, teacher and great friend.

Frank Collini, MD, Beverly Hills, CAFrank Collini, MD

I have known Dr. Ellenbogen for the past 24 years. He was my mentor and inspiration to pursue a career in plastic surgery. To say that Richard is a genius, a pioneer and an innovator in plastic surgery would be to understate his talents. A few years back, I had a patient who desired a facelift but she was reluctant to do so because she had lovely cheek dimples that were very important to her and she did not want to disrupt these dimples in any way whatsoever with a facelift. It was unclear to me if a facelift would disrupt these dimples or not. I had read all the plastic surgical literature available on the subject but I found no definitive answers to the question. I had never faced a problem such as this before and I was concerned, so I called Richard and presented the case to him. After analyzing the situation, he told me to simply perform the facelift procedure just as he had taught me to do and the patient’s dimples would be unchanged afterward. So I did. The result was miraculous and yes, the patient’s dimples were completely unchanged. The patient was incredibly happy and a valuable surgical lesson was learned. That is but one small anecdote about Richard and I.

Over the years, I have found Richard to be a remarkable man. He is highly intelligent, profoundly intuitive and takes his plastic surgical responsibilities seriously. With any task, he gives 110% of himself. He has an exhaustive work ethic and a keen sense of humor. He is technically skilled, learns fast and on a daily basis, displays kindness and empathy towards his patients. His integrity is irreproachable and he is a loyal and dear friend.

Richard’s personality is warm and friendly. He is compassionate and makes patients feel cared for. He instinctivly senses their fears and puts them at ease with kindness and humor. Patients love his extra “touch”.

This endorsement is provided for Richard because he is an excellent physician and plastic surgeon. I offer, without reservation or hesitation, the following comment that Richard is, on so many levels, the best plastic surgeon that I have ever worked with and few are as talented. Those who meet and work with him will agree.

Howard Gross MD, FACS, Beverly Hills, CAHoward Gross MD, FACS

I worked as an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellow for Dr. Richard Ellenbogen in 1993.  As a newly minted plastic surgeon I was well trained in reconstructive surgery but had limited exposure to office based aesthetic procedures.  The experience I gained with Dr. Ellenbogen was invaluable.  Dr. Ellenbogen is an excellent technical surgeon and is very innovative in the application of his surgical skills.   He also has great organizational skills from which I was able to learn much about practice management.  He is an excellent teacher and is eager to share his expertise.  I incorporated much of what Dr. Ellenbogen taught me into my own practice and am proud to display his fellowship certificate on my wall.

Dr. Steven Svehlak, Beverly Hills, CADr. Steven Svehlak

When I was completing my plastic surgery training at George Washington University, I decided I wanted to learn more about the cosmetic aspects of my specialty.  I sought out various mentors.  I knew that to learn the latest and greatest techniques in cosmetics surgery, I needed to be at the center of that world… Beverly Hills.  I searched and found world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen.  I was anxious about meeting and interviewing with Dr. Ellenbogen.  When I first met Dr. Ellenbogen, I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought he would be like some of the other older plastic surgeons I have trained under who where very demanding, belittling, and egocentric.  But to my surprise he was nothing I had imagined.  Dr. Ellenbogen made me feel at home.  He was generous and kind.  He set me up to stay at a local hotel while I was in town for a few days.  He wined and dined me and treated me with respect.  He said I was “no longer the scut monkey I used to be”.  He made me feel like I had accomplished the goal of the elite group of “plastic surgeon”.

I still knew I was a young plastic surgeon and needed to learn so much more to be among the greatest.  Dr. Ellenbogen took me under his wing and taught so much about the specialty of plastic surgery.  In my residency at GW University, I learned how to perform surgery and take care of patients, but never on how to run an office.  The experience training with Dr. Ellenbogen has been very rewarding.  He not only taught me the ins and outs of performing cosmetic surgery but also how to run a successful practice.   He had so many pointers about evaluating the patients and picking the right treatment.  He taught me the more of the psychology of being a plastic surgeon.  Some of these patients have high expectations and demand more than can be delivered…the plastic surgery addict.

The experience with Dr. Ellenbogen has given me the confidence to go out on my own into the plastic surgery world.  He is a great educator.  I thank him for his role in my training and experience.

Randal Haworth MD, FACS, Beverly Hills, CARandal Haworth MD, FACS

I have known Dr. Richard Ellenbogen for close to 18 years. Throughout that time he has come across as an, extremely inventive and talented surgeon, dedicated to delivering the best care in aesthetic medicine to all of his patients. Not one to rest on his laurels, he also contributes to the field of plastic surgery through his original articles, thoughts and lectures. Indeed, plastic surgical residents from around the world seek out his fellowship to benefit from his tutelage.

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