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Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials BEVERLY HILLS / LOS ANGELES

*Comments from all success stories and reviews are the expressed opinions of those patients and their experience and do not represent guaranteed results.

I am so grateful to Dr. Ellenbogen

Bruce R.I had surgery performed by Dr E. approximately 20 years ago. I had asked him to give me 10 years back, he actually gave me a bonus and made it 20. I am so grateful to Dr. Ellenbogen. His work along with a good diet and workout have greatly enhanced my life.*

Bruce R.  77 years old
You are a brilliant plastic surgeon and a master at your craft.

Dear Dr. Rich Ellenbogen:

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate you. You are a brilliant plastic surgeon and a master at your craft. Your work, professionalism and personal touch are second to none. From the day I started the process, I’ve felt comfortable with my medical care in your hands. As I look in the mirror each day since my surgery, I smile at how pleased I am with my outcome. One day, I was looking at your website and saw a video of you on ABC Primetime television talking about plastic surgery. Before my eyes and to my surprise was my before and after photos scrolling across the screen. I screamed with excitement as those pictures reiterated what you accomplished and how satisfied I am with the outcome. God gave you a talent and you have mastered it! I love you so much for caring. Your personality is beautiful and you have a way of making people feel safe. If I could describe you, I would say you truly have a way of stopping the visual aging process and turning back the hands of time. I know you have a lot of education but what you provide takes more than that; it is your gift! It shows you know your job and have a genuine love for people. Thank you so much for caring, Dr. Ellenbogen. You are my hero! There isn’t any amount of money that could pay for the excellent work you do. I thank God for sending me to you as you have forever changed my life. I love you, I love you, I love YOU!”

Louise Robinson
I Have Worked With So Many Surgeons in Los Angeles

Dr. Ellenbogen is truly amazing with his patients. It’s very easy for me to understand why they all clearly love him preoperatively, love the results post-op and continue to love him well into the future. He has an amazing personality that is so absolutely genuine – something so rare in this city. Equally as rare in this city, is that he is truly a fantastic surgeon technically…. He has always used this talent to form a very calculated, artistic preop plan with his patients, works relentlessly to make sure the operation goes to perfection and has such a unique ability to maintain an amazing relationship with his patients in the days, weeks, months and years that follow the operation. I completely recommend him to my friends and family without a single shred of hesitation and truly believe that Dr. Ellenbogen is a physician of the highest caliber.*

Mike S
Read the reviews for Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and was very surprised.

I had gone to see him about the same time; Spring and early Summer of 2009. I had interviewed many, *many* doctors to perform my breast reduction surgery. My husband’s business was struggling financially (as was every business owner) so cost was a deciding factor during my search. Here is what I used as my criteria:

  • Cost (out of my pocket)
  • Accepted my insurance
  • The doctor had to have “before” and “after” pictures of actual patients they performed the same surgery on, and available for me to view.
  • Doctor Ellenbogen showed me on the computer what I would look like.

After interviewing about 5 doctors in person (I did phone interviews and also web research), I had selected Dr. Richard Ellenbogen to perform my surgery. Here is why: I could see immediately that he was meticulous. When I reviewed his portfolio with him, he could recount in fantastic detail each one of his surgeries. I remember remarking on one patient’s results as “incredible”, as it was obvious that she was suffering considerably from the size of her breasts in the “before” photo. He agreed on the medical points, but he immediately noted how many cc’s he removed from each breast during the procedure and how many cc’s he would like to have taken out, and how it would have effected the contouring of her breasts.

I immediately knew I would be in that hands of a doctor who was passionate about the work. I was right and I’m passionate about the beautiful results.

Thank you Doctor Ellenbogen!*

Jody S.
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is amazing

I was referred to him a few years back by a friend and did a consultation. I wasn’t ready at the time but decided to meet with him this year since I was finally committed to finding a doctor. At first he felt that the best way to do it would be to go through the inframammary crease since I was doing a larger implant. I am about 5’8″ with an hourglass shape so I wanted something that would be fitting to my figure. I explained to him that I really did not want my incision to be this way and preferred to go through my underarm. Well, Dr. Ellenbogen did the incision where I wanted it. Let me tell you that this man is a genius! I could not be happier! My breasts are even, proportioned and absolutely beautiful!

I would trust Dr. Richard Ellenbogen with any surgery that I do. I did meet with other doctors for other consultations before I chose Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and I’m soo glad I chose to go with him!*

Patricia J.
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a great doctor

The office is absolutely beautiful, the staff is very friendly and attentive. I went there referred by my best friend, and what a great experience. Dr. Ellenbogen takes his time with you, he makes sure that all the questions you might have are answer. I visited at least six different doctors and ultimately he was the best choice for me. His prices might not be quite as accessible compare to other doctors, but he is worth it, besides when it comes to a plastic surgeon you don’t want to go with a cheap one.*

Sharon A.
I feel well cared for and know that I made a good choice.

I read every review on yelp and checked out the reviews of all of the other good plastic surgeons in Southern, California before meeting three doctors and deciding on Dr Ellenbogen.

I found that Dr Ellenbogen and his staff are simply the best. Plus his work is impeccable. While I was recovering in the hospital from my tummy tuck surgery, all of the nurses made sure to tell me that Richard Ellenbogen is one of the best doctors that they have ever worked with. They credit him with utmost professionalism and so do I. My results are fantastic and whenever I see Dr Ellenbogen, I feel well cared for and know that I made a good choice.*

Kathy S.
The results were far better even than the first time I’d had it done.

Since I had a eyelid surgery in Europe about 10 years ago, I really needed resurgery. Through lots of good reviews about him and his education and experience, I called the office and made an appointment for a consultation.

I learned that he has written a number of books on eyelid surgery (both upper and lower). Getting rid of the bags above and below the eyes. The results were far better even than the first time I’d had it done.

Thank you so much Dr. Ellenbogen. Don’t hesitate to go and visit the most modern facility in Beverly Hills.*

Tina C.
Dr. Ellenbogen has done an amazing job with a tummy tuck as well as Restylane/Botox.

He can customize according to your needs – if you don’t want too much, he knows exactly how to accommodate. Quality of his work speaks for itself. Very happy with the results! Very happy with my new look!*

Marcia S.
Rarely does an experience exceed my expectations but a brow lift by Dr. Ellenbogen did.

He was extremely generous with his time, answered all my questions. I must admit, and he gave me the confidence to proceed with a brow lift. One of my eyebrows was drooping. Although he told me he could not promise they would be even they are. I am 100% happy with the results.

I met with a number of this plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Ellenbogen and it was not only his impeccable credentials but his concern that this be the right thing for me that helped me commit to the surgery.

I am an esthetician and I very careful about the referrals I give to my clients. Dr. Ellenbogen is now the only plastic surgeon I refer.*

Janet D.

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