Neck Lift

Neck Lift

neck lift is an excellent option to restore a more youthful appearance to the neck region. During the procedure, excess fat is removed and loose skin and muscles are tightened in order to take years off of your appearance. It is often performed in conjunction with a face lift for enhanced results.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen performs neck lifts for men and women living in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. Depending on the degree of sagging and your skin elasticity, Dr. Ellenbogen may recommend a combination of the following three procedures to achieve optimal results:

Liposuction is performed to remove excess fat in the neck region. If this is your only issue and you have relatively good skin elasticity, Dr. Ellenbogen may use liposuction alone to achieve your desired results.

If you also need to tighten loose skin and muscles or if you do not have good skin elasticity, a cervicoplasty may be performed as well. If you need to get rid of unwanted band lines in the neck, a plastysmaplasty will be performed to remove or tighten neck muscles.

To find out whether a neck lift is right for you, please contact Beverly Hills Body today to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Richard Ellenbogen serves patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, California.

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