My face looks twenty years younger…

I had a facelift about two years ago. I’m sure Dr. Ellenbogen remembers me, as I was scheduled to have the surgery, and the day of the surgery he had to make the decision to send me home (Minnesota), as my blood pressure was too high. I came back after my blood pressure was under control and the surgery was a big success. I still need to lose more weight, but my face looks twenty years younger. Please let Dr. Ellenbogen that I’m doing well and am enjoying retirement. I am planning on visiting San Miguel De Allende this winter. Dr. Ellenbogen told me about the city and showed me some pictures of his house. I’ll be looking at the city as a prospective area for retirement – at least for the winters. If he happens to be in San Miguel at the same time, it would be great to see him again. In any event, please let Dr. Ellenbogen know that I am very happy with my surgery and that I’m happy that he at least “broke even” on my ext ensive and long surgery. Take care.*

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